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Fiberglass Doors in Vancouver

Beauty, Value & Performance

Wood exterior doors create a stunning, natural aesthetic, but they aren’t right for every homeowner. Without the proper conditions and care, wood doors don’t perform optimally. If you love the rustic look of wood, but can’t manage the upkeep, an exterior fiberglass door might be the right choice for your home.

Fiberglass Doors:

  • Look nearly identical to wood when painted, stained, and finished properly
  • Are stylish, highly energy efficient, and cost effective
  • Are tough enough to withstand the elements, yet flexible enough to suit any design scheme
A Door For Every Home
North Shore Door has an extensive collection of fiberglass exterior doors for you to choose from with:
  • Finishes ranging from wood grain to high gloss
  • Brands including Trimlite, Therma-Tru, Plastpro, Richersons, and more
  • Hardware and pre-finishing services available
  • Experienced professionals on site in our door showroom

Mastergrain C528 Contemporary Fiberglass Door

Mastergrain- C528 Contemporary Fiberglass Door

Mastergrain C501 Contemporary Fiberglass door

Mastergrain-C501 Contemporary Fiberglass Door

Mastergrain C500 Contemporary Fiberglass Door

Mastergrain-C500 Contemporary Fiberglass Door

Trimlite DRS63 6 Panel Fiberglass Door

Trimlite-DRS63 6 Panel Fiberglass Door

Trimlite DRS50 5 Panel Shaker Fiberglass Door

Trimlite-DRS50 5 Panel Shaker Fiberglass Door

Trimlite DRS12 Fiberglass Door

Trimlite-DRS12 Fiberglass Door

Trimlite DRS10B Mini Blinds Fiberglass Door

Trimlite-DRS10B Mini Blinds Fiberglass Door

Trimlite DRS6C Craftsman Fiberglass Door

Trimlite-DRS6C Craftsman Fiberglass Door

Trimlite DRS3S Fiberglass Door With Window

Trimlite-DRS3S Fiberglass Door

Trimlite DRF50 Dark 5 Panel Shaker Fiberglass Door

Trimlite-DRF50 5 Panel Shaker Fiberglass Door

Trimlite DRF36 Fir Grain Fiberglass Door

Trimlite-DRF36 Fir Grain Fiberglass Door

Trimlite DRF3S Fir Grain Fiberglass Door

Trimlite-DRF3S Fir Grain Fiberglass Door

Trimlite DRA1P Rustic Series Fiberglass Door

Trimlite-DRA1P Rustic Series Fiberglass Door

Trimlite DRA2B Rustic Series Fiberglass Door

Trimlite-DRA2B Rustic Series Fiberglass Door

Mastergrain C605 Contemporary Fiberglass Door

Mastergrain-C605 Contemporary Fiberglass Door

Mastergrain C601 Contemporary Fiberglass Door

Mastergrain-C601 Contemporary Fiberglass Door

This is just a sample of our selection. We have over 50 doors available. Click here for a PDF of our full catalogue offering!


Visit our image gallery to visualize what’s possible for your home.


Make A Grand Entrance

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or a full exterior facelift, our dedicated team will work closely with you—from consultation to installation—to craft a one-of-a-kind entryway for your home. Speak with our consultants or visit our showroom to find the perfect door for you. Contact us today to get started.


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