Custom Door Hardware

The Finishing Touch

Once you have chosen a door material, you move on to the finishing touches – the door hardware.


North Shore Door offers a wide range of luxury door hardware, featuring some of Emtek’s statement pieces, custom assembled in Southern California. Emtek’s beautiful, quality, and customizable products are available in brass, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, and more. Their handles are forged for a clean surface that’s ready to be installed.

Emtek Catalogue


Taymor features many modern and classic options for finishing your door. Our Design Experts at our North Vancouver Showroom can help you navigate choosing the best hardware for your custom door, whether your taste be more for their commemorative 1948 collection or the Modern Edge.

Taymor Catalogue

KN Crowder

Commited to innovation, craft and quality, KN Crowder produces a diverse line of products including; Catch ‘N’ Close Sliding Door Track Systems, door locks  and pulls, weatherstrip and more

Come visit our North Vancouver Showroom to explore door hardware to fit every configuration, design, and finish – helping you achieve a sophisticated look for your home. Here’s a quick guide to different types of door hardware.

Handlesets: these come in a variety of finishes and colours to match your door design. A traditional option for door hardware because of its elegant details and matching deadbolt component.

Doorknobs or Levers

The most common style of door hardware in Vancouver is the doorknob or lever. Keyed entrance, passage, dummy knobs and privacy varieties give you flexibility in design and functionality.

Door Hinges

Hinges create functionality with your door and allow you to create easy movement between spaces. Hinges come in a variety of sizes, material and finishes to complement your door material.


Typically comprised of steel, bronze or brass they stand alone from the doorknob or door handle creating a security addition to your door.

Pocket Door Hardware

Micro-living is a big trend especially in a hot real estate market like Vancouver. Pocket door hardware sits flush against the door for easy access without the exterior space required from a traditional knob.

Electronic Locks

The most modern option with innovative designs that offer keyless entry and advanced security. Paired with a matching keypad or touchpad locksets, this combination is the perfect addition to any smart home.

Passage and Privacy Knobs

Sleek and sophisticated knobs from Emtek or Taymor are available in 18 different finishes. We have a range of special order products available, if you find that you have something in mind that we do not currently have in our Showroom selection.

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