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Custom Doors in North Vancouver

A Lasting Impression

At North Shore Door, we know that your home is just as unique as you are. So, if one of our standard door designs doesn’t seem to fit with the elegance of you home, than we will work hand in hand with you to create the entryway of your dreams. Whether it is crafted from sustainable woods or sturdy steel, we will ensure that your custom door leaves a lasting impact on your guests.

From fixtures, to handles, to windows, we’ll help you plan out your personalized door to the smallest detail. We understand that every space is different, which is why we will custom design your unique door to fit any specific size and dimension requirements. Fully planned with each entry in mind, your custom order will be sure to fill and maximize your available space.

Perfectly Practical

Don’t be fooled by its beautiful exterior, there is more than just an amazing design ringing the doorbell. When an entryway is custom carved into the home where it stands, many hidden benefits can be seen. Regulating and maintaining temperature, custom doors can help keep your home a neutral and comfortable level, which in turn reduces both heating and air conditioning costs. When it comes time to get a peaceful night’s sleep after a long day, your custom door will create a sound proof seal to your inside walls. Built with custom materials and locks, we at North Shore Door will ensure that you receive the safest and sturdiest product possible.

Endless Advantages

  • Are made to your size specifications
  • Are engineered to perfectly fit any design scheme
  • Can be adorned with panel patterns, glass and hardware
  • Can be paired with a variety of door hardware

Custom Door Designs

Custom Red Double Doors Vancouver

Look at our image gallery to get ideas for your custom door designs.


Invite Your Guests Inside

The very first impression that a guest at your home experiences is your front entrance. At North Shore Door, we strive to ensure that your front entryway leaves your visitors wanting to come back and visit again.


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