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Moulded Panel Doors

Durability, Economy & Style

Moulded panel doors—an industry standard for generations—bring classic style, versatility, and design consistency to any project. When it comes to design, the beauty’s in the details. To produce a high-quality surface that’s ready to be painted in your favourite colour, moulded panel interior doors are pre-graded, factory primed, and acclimated before fabrication.

With a variety of heights, widths, designs, and sound-proofing options available, moulded panel doors provide the flexibility and economy you need to get the job done—from basement suite to bedrooms.

Our Moulded Panel Doors:

  • Provide superior value and customization
  • Are resistant to warping, cracking, and panel separation
  • Are available in hollow core for a lightweight feel, or solid core for sound proofing and the weight and feel of solid wood
  • Are available in a variety of thicknesses, heights, and designs
  • Contain 63% recycled wood and no added urea-formaldehyde
A Door For Every Project

Lyden Door - Craftsman

  Lynden Door – Craftsman

Lyden Door - Madison

  Lynden Door – Madison

Lyden Door - Whitman

  Lynden Door – Whitman

Lyden Door - Benton

Lynden Door – Benton

Lyden Door - Caiman

Lynden Door – Caiman

Lyden Door - Carmelle

Lynden Door – Carmelle

Lyden Door - Carrara

Lynden Door – Carrara

Lyden Door - Conmore

Lynden Door – Conmore

Lyden Door - Coventry

Lynden Door – Coventry

This is just a sample of our selection. We have over 50 doors in our showroom. Visit us to view them!


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Your Home, But Better

Whether you’re in the market for an interior facelift or a full reno, our dedicated team will work closely with you—from consultation to door installation—to craft a moulded panel door that suits your style and budget. Speak with our consultants or visit our showroom to find the perfect door for you. Contact us today to get started. Contact us today to get started.


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