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Interior Flush Doors

Bold, Modern Styling

With chic, European details and your choice of a white maple, African mahogany, white oak, walnut, or finished hardboard veneer, our interior flush doors blend seamlessly with surrounding design details—from furniture to trim and cabinets.

With an eye for elegance and function—and a variety of heights, widths, and sound-proofing options to choose from—our flush interior doors naturally balance stylishness and sensibility.

Our Flush Doors:

  • Provide the beauty and warmth of natural wood
  • Are pre-graded before construction for a smooth surface
  • Suit a variety of styles and budgets
  • Are available in a range of widths, heights, and sizes, with a variety of hardware options to choose from
  • Are available in hollow core for a lightweight feel, or solid core for sound proofing and the weight and feel of solid wood
A Door For Every Home

Lyden Mahogany Flush Door Lynden- Mahogany Flush Door

Lyden Laurelhurst Flush DoorLynden-Laurelhurst Flush Door

Lyden Denman Flush DoorLynden-Denman Flush Door

Lyden Alki Flush DoorLynden-Alki Flush Door

Lyden African Mahogany Flush DoorLynden- African Mahogany Flush Door

Lyden African Mahogany Flush DoorLynden-African Mahogany Flush Door

Lyden White Oak Flush DoorLynden-White Oak Flush Door

Lyden White Maple Flush DoorLynden- White Maple Flush Door

Lyden Walnut Flush DoorLynden-Walnut Flush Door

Lyden Vertical Grain Fir Flush DoorLynden-Vertical Grain Fir Flush Door

Lyden Light Birch Flush DoorLynden-Light Birch Flush Door

Lyden Tableau Flush DoorLynden-Tableau Flush Door

Lyden Robson Flush Door Lynden-Robson Flush Door

Lyden Rift White Oak Flush DoorLynden-Rift White Oak Flush Door

Lyden Rhythmus Flush DoorLynden-Rhythmus Flush Door

Lyden Parkrose Flush DoorLynden-Parkrose Flush Door

Lyden Montlake Flush DoorLynden-Montlake Flush Door

This is just a sample of our selection. We have over 50 doors in our showroom. Visit us to view them!


Visit our image gallery to visualize what’s possible for your home.


A Door That’s Yours

Whether you long for a full design overhaul or a simple upgrade, our dedicated team will work closely with you—from consultation to door installation—to craft an interior flush door that suits your style and budget. Speak with our consultants or visit our door showroom to find the perfect door for you. Contact us today to get started.


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