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Wood Doors in North Vancouver

Timeless, Natural Warmth & Beauty

While other options come close to replicating the look of real wood, nature still knows best: A wood entry door, a breathtaking focal point, is a thing of beauty. With the right conditions and care, a rustic exterior wood door is an awe-inspiring addition to any home. All our wood exterior doors are custom-made and are a great addition any home that wants to appear traditional and eccentric. With endless combinations of possibilities, North Shore Door guarantees that you’ll find the perfect solid wood door for your home.

Our Wood Doors:

  • Are custom built and one of a kind—no two doors are alike
  • Are available in a variety of wood species to match or enhance your décor. Some examples include: fir, maple, oak, walnut, cherry, and knotty alder.
  • Can be stained or painted to match a variety of surroundings
  • Can be fitted with glass windows and accents, with custom designs available
A Door For Every Décor

BC Door Wood 475

  BC Door 475

6 Top Panels BC Door Wood 615C

  BC Door 615C

Door Length Glass Panel BC Door Wood 497

  BC Door 497

3 Panel BC Door Wood 1960

BC Door 1960

2 Panel BC Door Wood 1930

BC Door 1930

Large Frosted Glass Panel Wood Door North Shore

  North Shore Door

3 diagonal frosted glass panels Wood Door North Vancouver

  North Shore Door

Glass Slats Wooden Door Vancouver

  North Shore Door

Single Raised Panel BC Door Wood 1910

  BC Door 1910

3 Raised Panel BC Door Wood 1945

  BC Door 1945

3 Frosted Glass Panel Wood Doors Vancouver

  North Shore Door

Frosted Glass Slats Wooden Doors North Vancouver

  North Shore Door

BC Door Wood 1201 1960 1201

BC Door – #1201, 1960, 1201

BC Door Wood 1946 1945 1946

  BC Door –  #1946, 1945, 1946

Visit our image gallery to visualize what’s possible for your home.


Make A Bold Statement

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or a full exterior facelift, not just any door will do. From consultation to door installation, our dedicated team will work closely with you to craft an exquisite entryway that leaves your neighbours speechless. Chat with our consultants or visit our door showroom to find the perfect door for you. Contact us today to get started.


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