Moulded Panel Doors

Durability, Economy & Style

Moulded panel doors—an industry standard for generations—bring classic style, versatility, and design consistency to any project. When it comes to design, the beauty’s in the details. To produce a high-quality surface that’s ready to be painted in your favourite colour, moulded panel interior doors are pre-graded, factory primed, and acclimated before fabrication.

With a variety of heights, widths, designs, and sound-proofing options available, moulded panel doors provide the flexibility and economy you need to get the job done—from basement suite to bedrooms.

Our Molded Panel Doors:

  • Provide superior value and customization
  • Are resistant to warping, cracking, and panel separation
  • Are available in hollow core for a lightweight feel, or solid core for sound proofing and the weight and feel of solid wood
  • Are available in a variety of thicknesses, heights, and designs
  • Contain 63% recycled wood and no added urea-formaldehyde

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This is just a sample of our selection. We have over 50 doors available.
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