Exterior Wood Doors in North Vancouver

Timeless, Natural Warmth & Beauty

With the right conditions and care, an exterior wood door creates a classic focal point and is a staple of any traditional Vancouver home. Wood is the most popular choice for both exterior and interior doors due to its timeless versatility.

All of our solid wood exterior doors are custom-made by BC Door in Vancouver with every attention to detail. The weight of solid wood creates a sturdy feel with a luxurious one-of-a-kind texture.

With endless combinations of possibilities, North Shore Door guarantees that you’ll find the perfect solid wood door for your home.

We now carry Bourassa Doors, a premium door manufacturer based in Québec. Visit our showroom to view these beautiful wooden entry doors!

Why choose a Wood door:

  • All our wood doors are created custom for your project.
  • A variety of material to choose from including; fir, maple, cedar, oak, walnut, cherry, and knotty alder.
  • Each wood entry door can be enhanced with glass windows to allow for natural light.

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BC Door - Wrought Iron

Collection 1010L

BC Door - Heritage

Collection 615C

BC Door- Modern

Collection 486-S

BC Door- Modern

Collection 477-S

BC Door- Modern

Collection 475-S

BC Door- Traditional

Collection 416 Shaker

BC Door- French

Collection 298

BC Door- French

Collection 110

BC Door- Classic

Collection 1900

BC Door- Modern

Collection 1595-S

BC Door- Modern

Collection 1578-S

BC Door- Modern

Collection 1506

BC Door- Carved

Collection 1475

BC Door- Leaded

Collection 1265C-FP

BC Door- Leaded

Collection 1240

BC Door- Wrought Iron

Collection 1066

BC Door

#1201, #1960, #1201

BC Door

#1946, #1945, #1946

This is just a sample of our selection. We have over 50 doors available.
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