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Is It Time to Makeover Your Garage Door Style?

Is It Time to Makeover Your Garage Door Style?

The Face of Your Home

The standard lot width in Vancouver and its surrounding areas is 25-33 feet. The standard garage door width and height is 16’ by 7’, respectively. That’s more than double the width of most homes! That makes up a large chunk of real estate on the face of your home, and how you wish to display the face of your home. With the array of Garage Door styles available, the visual representation you wish to achieve is definitely possible. Contemporary, modern, rustic, chateau, villa; whatever your dream, the options are endless for how you wish to achieve them.


Added Value

We’ve established your Garage Door is taking up a lot of space on the face of your home. It stands to reason, then, your new garage door will add significant curb appeal value. Today’s garage doors are pre finished and available in a variety of colors, made from steel or aluminum, and insulated, usually starting at around an r-6 insulation rating. That is a far cry from the one piece steel Garage Door or sectional wood doors of 20-30 years ago. Today’s garage doors are built to last with that rugged steel construction, most coming with a lifetime warranty on the construction of the door. Combine that with the low maintenance of a new door and a slimmer heating bill, you can see where the added value is coming from.


Closing It In

Okay, we know the garage opening occupies significant space on the front of your home and will add value in a few different areas. Chief among them, of course, is your insulation rating. Insulated sectional doors start around an r-6 when fully sealed, and can go as high as r-20 with some manufacturers! On an opening that occupies 112 square feet on average, that’s a ton of heat loss leaving that open. It’s no surprise, then, seeing new construction in your neighborhood and the lack of car ports. When you have an opening that size, it just makes sense (and dollars) to close it up with the highest quality insulated door possible.


Still have questions? Come in and have a look at our showroom to get some ideas on how a new garage door will give your home the perfect makeover.

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